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Light up sun and summer all year long.


The uplifting aroma of delicate orange blossom and bursts of sweet citrus lift your mood like a sunny day. Neroli and petitgrain promote a feeling of calm and contentment, let it take you to your happy place.


Created to make you feel content and joyous.


Handmade with pure essential oils, coconut and rapeseed wax.

Sun Aromatherapy Candle 100ml

  • Sweet orange is the aroma of pure happiness. It has an overall uplifting and mood boosting effect.

    Petitgrain has a clear, floral aroma and the ability to calm and soothe emotions whilst refreshing your mind.

    Ylang ylang helps to relax the nervous system, easing feelings of anger, anxiety, shock and fear. Ylang ylang feels like a big hug in a bottle.

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