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Candle care.

Take care of your candle, and let it take care of you.
I create my aromatherapy candles with wooden wicks so that they burn more slowly, lasting longer and creating a lovely crackling sound as they burn. Like cotton wicks, they do require a little love. But if you fail to love your wick, it might not burn for you.

There is a lot of science that goes into getting the wick just right, as there are so many factors that influence how the wick burns... type of wax, size of the candle and any added oils. I've spent many hours (and candles) testing wicks to ensure an even and consistent burn.

The role of the wick is to fuel the flame, It does this by drawing melted wax up to meet the flame. In order to continue drawing up enough fuel, the wick must be trimmed between each burn, removing excess charred wood. 

No fancy equipment is required, but of course use wick trimmers if you'd prefer. Trim your wick between EVERY burn by removing the excess charred wood from the tip of the wick. Be careful not to remove too much... it should break away easily between your fingertips.


Burn your candle! Don't wait for a rainy day or special occasion. Create your special occasion and a focussed moment of wellbeing, enjoy your candle while its fresh.

Keep your candle fresh by popping the lid on when its not in use, and store away from direct sunlight. Once you've used it all up, recycle the glass jar. Perhaps you're the crafty type you'll find a use to repurpose your jar and keep it as a reminder forever.

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