Breath is life. Inhale. This purifying blend combines classic decongestants to clear your passages and enliven your senses: Inhale feels like your first deep lungful of cool, crisp air in the early morning. The punchy pairing of mint and eucalyptus is balanced by sweet, citrusy lemongrass, cleansing your space as well your sinuses. Inhale will get you moving!



Melt Inhale

To invigorate your mind and body.


Smells like

A tall glass of coudy lemonade with a squeeze of zesty citrus.



Handmade in Wales.

Contains coconut and rapeseed wax with dried botanicals and a high dose of pure essential oils for a natural aroma.


How to use:

Snap off a section of your Inhale wax melt. Use with an electric or tealight wax melter to fill your room with aroma, re-use until all of the aroma has evaporated.

When you would like to change your aroma, remove the wax with a spoon and wash the melter dish with warm soapy water.



Keep away from children and pets, and never leave a burning candle or melted wax unattended.


Free from palm, soy, parrafin, synthetic fragrance and GMO's.

Packaged in a biodegradeable bag.

Inhale // Wax melt