Sea is fresh, cleasing and brings the mind into focus, inspired by the welsh coast.


With a sharp, herbal and slightly woody aroma, the pure essential oil blend of Sea offers the same calming atmosphere and uplifting qualities of a coastal walk or a dip in the cool water.



Aromatherapy benefits:


Invigorating and strengthening for the mind.

Reduces stress.

Boosts mood.



Handmade in Wales using coconut and rapeseed wax with pure essential oils and dried botanicals. Add one or two sections to a wax melter for a strong aroma.

When you would like to change the wax, simply remove it with a spoon and wash the dish with warm soapy water.


Packaged in a biodegradeable bag- proudly plastic free.




Keep away from children and pets, and never leave a burning candle unattended.


Free from palm, soy, parrafin, synthetic fragrance and GMO's.

Sea // Wax melt