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Inspired by the principles and effects of Shinrin yoku, otherwise known as forest bathing.


Tree essential oils are renowned for their antiviral and antibacterial properties, boosting health and overall well-being.


Fforest is made with a unique blend of essential oils including purifying eucalyptus and pine needle which create a fresh and tranquil aroma. Earthy cedarwood and oakmoss add a masculine edge.


Created to make you feel uplifted and mind-cleansed.


Handmade using pure essential oils, coconut and rapeseed wax.

Fforest Aromatherapy Candle

  • Eucalyptus has air purifying qualities as well as being helpful to clear your mind to prevent mental blockages.

    Oakmoss is soothing to inflammation, clears the respiratory tract and provides a good sense of grounding for the body.

    Cedarwood has a calming and soothing action which benefits nervous tension and anxious states.

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