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aromatherapy candle in an amber jar with a minimal white background and a vase of eucalyptus.

Powered by aromatherapy.
Created to make you feel good...

Pure essential oils are blended into each handmade product to create a closer connection to nature,

to transform your state of mind and enhance your wellbeing.



Handmade using pure essential oils and

plant based ingredients with ZERO artificial or synthetic fragrances.

Small business.


YNYS AROMA is a small, independently run business based on Barry Island, South Wales.

Less is more.


Carefully packaged using easily recyclable and/or biodegradeable materials. 

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Meet the maker.

Hi, I'm Louise...

I trained in aromatherapy, holistic and sports massage and complementary therapies, then went on to work as a spa therapist.


During the lockdowns of 2020 I found myself spending more time at home, experimenting with essential oils and how I could create products for people to enjoy and enhance their wellbeing at home. I learnt how to make candles, and YNYS AROMA was born.

Image of Louise wearing a white cardigan looking at a magnolia tree in a park with the sun shining

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Perfect for Mother's Day

A lady dressed in a white blouse holding an aromatherapy candle in one hand and a matchstick in the other hand. The candle is being lit and it smells amazing.

Natural candles.

Light up your mindful moment

Amazing candles. but better.
Made with plant-based wax and blends of pure essential oils, YNYS AROMA candles are created to positively transform your state of mind whilst making your space smell incredible.

A wooden tray filled with products in glass amber jars and bottles sitting on a bed with a bedside table in the background. 
the collection of products are all titled 'Nos da'.

Created to help you sleep better.

Aromatherapy to relax.

Made with a formula of pure essential oils which is blended to help you relax, soothe and unwind... no matter what your day has thrown at you.

Nos da means 'good night' in Welsh.

A Nos da aromatherapy reed diffuser in glass amber bottle on a wooden bedside table. There are a handful of reeds being inserted into the diffuser bottle.

Create your own atmospheric aroma with a continuous and long lasting fragrance. Made using an eco base and pure essential oils to enhance your everyday wellbeing whilst making your home smell incredible.

Just wait for your guests to notice!

Busy day?

Tired, but wired...


You're just a few sprays away from falling into clouds of deep relaxation.

Made with pure essential oils, blended to help ease feelings of stress whilst encouraging a calm and relaxed state of mind.

Nos da.
Pillow mist


From 8.00

A hand holding a Nos da pillow spray in an amber glass bottle. It is being sprayed into the bedroom with a candle glowing in the background.

Notes from the Island.

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