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Powered by aromatherapy.

YNYS AROMA products are hand blended with pure essential oils to boost your wellbeing,
to create an impact and to make you feel good.


12 Days of Aromatherapy.


The smell of Christmas!


Uplifting, joyful and mood boosting sweet orange blends with cinnamon, clove and warming spices to create the ultimate festive aromatherapy blend.

Nadolig Llawen.
Aromatherapy Candle


From 20.00


The most dreamy pillow spray that sends you into clouds of deep relaxation and helps to promote a deep and restful night's sleep.

Made with pure essential oils which are blended to help ease feelings of stress and soothe your senses whilst encouraging a calm and relaxed state of mind.

Nos da.
Pillow mist


From 8.00


Create a calming atmosphere to relax, soothe and unwind.
Each blend is handmade with pure essential oils which are carefully chosen to help reduce stress and anxieties,

induce deep relaxation and a better night sleep.

Nos da means 'good night' in Welsh.




It's not about beautiful home fragrance, nor is it about attractive home decor. It's about aromatherapy; using pure essential oils, harnessing their therapeutic powers and blending them synergistically.


I take inspiration from elements and themes of nature and how they make me feel to replicate that feeling through the blending of essential oils. For example...

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Mindful moments.

Yes, with the power of pure essential oils
candles really can change your mood. 

Soak, soothe, restore.

Mineral-rich salts cleanse and restore your body whilst a specially crafted blend of pure essential oils positively change your mood.


Aromatherapy for every mood.

Inspired by nature and the way it can make us feel. Each blend is created to enhance your wellbeing and positively alter your state of mind.


Smells good, feels great!

Highly dosed with pure essential oils to improve your mood, whilst smelling amazing... naturally.


Make an impact.

Create a continuous atmospheric aroma in your home with reed diffusers powered by pure essential oils.

Why essential oils?

Read all about it.

Notes from the Island.

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