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Aromatherapy to make your
everyday feel great.

Handmade with pure essential oils.

First light is one of three aromatherapy candles exclusively for Spring / Summer 23.

It celebrates the feeling of dawn at the height of Spring. Clean. Fresh. Motivating.

First light.
Aromatherapy Candle



Notes from the Island.

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Relax and sleep better.

Boost your wellbeing and be the best version of yourself!

I created this sleep-inducing collection to help reduce the feelings of stress, anxieties, to help you let go of the day and slow your busy mind.

Smells good, feels great!

Highly dosed with pure essential oils to improve your mood, whilst smelling amazing... naturally.

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Wax melts.


Bath salts.

Essential oils.

Why essential oils?

Read all about it.

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