Ynys Aroma

Ynys Aroma is a small business, located in Barry, South-Wales.

The inspiration to create products came from my passion to maintain health with a holistic and natural approach, using the power of aromatherapy to improve health and well-being.

During the day I spend most of my time exploring with my Son, and also working part-time as a holistic spa therapist. At night, I crack open the case of essential oils and create beautiful aromatherapy products.

Aromatherapy is a traditional and holistic way of healing, using botanical extracts in the form of essential oils. This helps to improve and balance the health of the mind, body, and spirit.


My name is Louise. I've held qualifications in aromatherapy for over four years, but have long used essential oils for self-wellbeing, beauty and most recently in cleaning products for the home.

After years of crafting aromatherapy gifts for friends and family, I found the courage to make it a small business.


Ynys Aroma candles are inspired by the beauty in nature that surrounds our home by the coast on Barry Island.

The 'Sea' candle for example, was created to therapeutically provide the same mind-boosting effects you would experience from being at the sea. Refreshing and stimulating rosemary, blended with grounding cedarwood along with other essential oils, not only create a complete aroma that smells good, but more importantly feels great. 

Some of the essential oil recipes that are used in the products took months to create, night after night of mixing and testing to come up with the perfect blend. 

All Ynys Aroma products are made using therapeutic grade essential oils to create a more natural smelling product for the home. After all, why use synthetic fragrance when nature smells so good?