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YNYS AROMA isn't about beautiful home fragrance, nor is it about attractive home decor. It's about aromatherapy; using pure essential oils, harnessing their therapeutic powers and blending them synergistically into products that are accessible to everyone.

Thanks for stopping by, I'm Louise. The journey of my small business began during the pandemic, when there was a growing need to experience a better sense of well-being... at home. I began blending with the essential oils which I already had in my cabinet, then experimenting with different candle waxes. It was fuelled 'partly' to satisfy my creative curiosities, but more so, with a desire to spread the improved sense of wellbeing and overall health benefits that aromatherapy can give. The rest is history. 
I've been qualified in aromatherapy and worked as a complementary therapist for over six years, but I've incorporated essential oils into my life for as long as I can remember. I love how the properties of essential oils are able to transform and heal ones mind and body.

I take inspiration from elements and themes of nature and how they make me feel to replicate that feeling through the blending of essential oils.
For example, I created my 'Sea' blend to therapeutically provide the same mind-boosting effects you experience from the sea. It includes rosemary oil which has a sharp aroma and properties which improve concentration and help the mind to focus. It also includes zesty, uplifting grapefruit and stress-busting rose geranium oils.

Many of my products, and even my brand name are inspired by our location by the Sea, on Barry Island.
YNYS = Island + AROMA = aromatherapy.

Throughout my products I only use pure, therapeutic grade essential oils (no fragrance boosters), and sustainably sourced ingredients. I avoid plastic packaging wherever possible, and unneccesary 'extras', but use easily recyclable or biodegradable materials instead. They are all made with purpose and delivered to you with love.

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