Melt sun and summer all year long. The uplifting aroma of pure essential oils fills your room with orange blossom and warm, sensual ylang ylang, boosting your mood and instilling long-lasting feelings of joy.


Inspired by carefree memories of laying in the sunshine doing sweet nothing.



Melt Sun

To radiate warmth and joy.


Smells like

Sunbeams shining on an orange tree garden.



Handmade in Wales.

Contains coconut and rapeseed wax with dried botanicals and a high dose of pure essential oils for a natural aroma.


How to use:

Snap off a section of your Sun wax melt. Use with an electric or tealight wax melter to fill your room with aroma, re-use until all of the aroma has evaporated.

When you would like to change your aroma, remove the wax with a spoon and wash the melter dish with warm soapy water.



Keep away from children and pets, and never leave a burning candle or melted wax unattended.


Free from palm, soy, parrafin, synthetic fragrance and GMO's.

Packaged in a biodegradeable bag.

Sun Aromatherapy Wax melt