Soothe your skin and bathe in the natural goodness of organic coconut milk.


Mixed with dead sea salt and calendula petals, this soak has been created for the most sensitive of skin.


Coconut milk is cleansing and antibacterial, which may help to improve symptoms of acne.

It's anti-inflammatory properties relieve itchy and inflamed skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis by soothing the skin. Coconut milk has a luxurious texture with a moisturising effect, leaving the skin feeling silky soft.


Soothe bath soak is free from essential oils, with a subtle natural aroma from the coconut milk.



How to use:

Add a handful of Soothe milk bath soak to a warm running bath (or footbath), run your fingers through the water to disperse the ingredients evenly.




Organic coconut milk, dead sea salt, Calendula officinalis (calendula) flower.


Presented in a recyclable aluminium tin.

e 80g

Soothe Milk Bath soak