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Sharp and zesty citrus shines atop a fresh wave of rosemary, activating your brain and bringing you into focus. An earthy cedarwood base rounds off the uplifting blend of essential oils, encapsulating the refreshing effect of the sea and transporting you straight there.


Created to make you feel revitalised and focussed.



Sea Aromatherapy Diffuser

  • Rosemary activates and energises the brain, clearing the head and aids memory. It is stimulating and reviving for the senses and strengthening for the mind.

    Rose geranium is a tonic to the nerves. It lifts the spirits, reduces stress and has a balancing effect on the mind.

    Cedarwood has a calming and soothing action which benefits nervous tension and feelings of anxiety.

  • I'd recommend that you place your diffuser away from direct sunlight to avoid rapid diffusion. Insert the fibre reeds into your diffuser bottle, flip them over every now and again for a stronger smell.

    Take a minful moment by sitting near your diffuser, close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Or, just simply enjoy the aroma in your room and particularly every time you walk past the diffuser.

    Allow 24-48 hours for the aroma to fill the room.

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