The perfect introduction to Ynys Aroma candles.


In this box you will receive the four original Ynys Aroma candles in 120ml sizes.

Each candle is inspired by the beauty in nature, and has been created to add a sense of wellness to your home.



Sun // Warming and energising.


With soft notes of orange blossom and a warm sensual base, this pure essential oil blend boosts mood, energy and spreads joy.



Sea // Fresh and cleansing.


Sea has a sharp, herbal and slightly woody aroma, replicating the calming atmosphere and uplifting qualities of a coastal walk or a dip in the cool water. Use Sea to help bring the mind into focus.



Moon // Cleansing and calming.


With a clear and sweet aroma blending into a warm woody base, it encourages a sense of release and letting go of negative emotions, helping you to stay grounded at times of heightened emotions.



Flow // Fresh and exotic.


The delicate aroma of bergamot blends into a sweet, floral base. Use Flow to uplift the mind and ground the body, and bring a sense of harmony and balance into your home.

Original collection // Aroma box