The perfect way to create a relaxing bedtime ritual.


The Nos da mini box includes:


Nos da aromatherapy bath salts:


A stress-relieving, tension-easing, sleep-inducing jar of wonder.

Pure, mineral rich Epsom salts are mixed with a curiously light essential oil blend, and completed with an amethyst crystal.


Nos da aromatherapy wax melt:


Sit back and relax as the fragrant aroma of Nos da swirls around your room.

Delicate notes of bergamot slowly melt into a heady cocktail of eight more essential oils, sending you into a state of peace and tranquility.


Ceramic wax melt warmer:


An elegant white ceramic wax melt warmer which suits any home-decor style.

*Style of the warmer may vary from what is shown in images



A good night's sleep is important for health and wellbeing.

Relaxation techniques before bed such as taking a bath can help improve overall sleep quality.


If you do not want to take a bath at night, simply bathing your feet in warm water can help you relax and improve sleep.


Packaged in a neat recyclable cardboard box.


All products (except the wax melter) are handmade in Wales.

Nos da Bath and melt box