Soak away the stress of life with comforting rose infused waters.

Heal Bath Salts is a mineral-rich base of pink Himalayan salt, dead sea salt and cleansing clay, with pure essential oils and botanicals.


These have been carefully blended to create a sumptuous aroma that heals the mind, body and soul.



Aromatherapy benefits:

Aphrodisiac and mood enhancing.

Balancing for the hormones.

Rejuvenating and toning for the skin.

Reduces symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.


Rose Otto oil- known as the queen of essential oils, it is simply divine.

Renowned for its beautifying qualities, rose is rejuvenating for the skin whilst promoting inner relaxation.


It takes approximately 60 roses to produce a single drop of the oil by steam distillation, but a little goes a long way.


Pink clay- The most gentle of clays. It aids detoxification and purification by removing impurities from the skin and binding to heavy metals within the body, drawing them away.


Himalayan salt- Contains over 80 minerals and elements, I don't even know where to start on how beneficial it is for skin, immunity, digestion… the list goes on!



How to use:

Pour Heal bath salts into a warm bath (or foot bath).  Soak in the water for at least 15 minutes for optimal results.


Before you climb in, set yourself an intention to Heal, and love oneself.




Best to avoid use during pregnancy.

Do not use if you have a known allergy to any ingredients.

If any reaction occurs, rinse with water.




Dead sea salt, Himalayan salt, French pink clay, Madagascan vanilla grounds, Rosa damascena (rose otto oil), Pelargonium graveolens (rose geranium oil), Citrus limon (lemon oil), dried strawberry, dried rose buds and petals.


Packaged in a recyclable aluminium tin.

e 100g


Please be aware that this size does not include a crystal.

Heal Aromatherapy Bath salts