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'Hapus' is the Welsh language for 'Happy'.


Sweet orange essential oil has properties which have been proven to lift mood and dispell feelings of stress and anxiety.


Ive blended zesty, mouth watering essential oils to send a ray of dazzling sunshine through your home and make you glow.


Hapus Aromatherapy Diffuser

  • Sweet orange has warming and joyful qualities. Its been proven to lift the mood, dispelling feelings of low mood, stress and lethargy to leave you more uplifted and happy.

    Litsea cubeba has a tart and sweet aroma which has a rejuvenating and uplifting effect on the mind when inhaled and excellent for purifying the air.

  • I'd recommend that you place your diffuser away from direct sunlight to avoid rapid diffusion. Insert the fibre reeds into your diffuser bottle, flip them over every now and again for a stronger smell.

    Take a minful moment by sitting near your diffuser, close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Or, just simply enjoy the aroma in your room and particularly every time you walk past the diffuser.

    Allow 24-48 hours for the aroma to fill the room.

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