When was the last time that you were completely immersed in something, so much that it felt like time stood still? 


Enter the state of flow where nothing else matters, momentum is effortless and you are completely focussed beyond the point of distraction.


Here is a sweet and exotic, perfectly balanced aromatherapeutic blend to help you let happiness and enjoyment flow.



Burn Flow

To uplift and boost your mood.


Smells like

Sweet orange with earthy exotic undertones.



Handmade in Wales.

Contains coconut and rapeseed wax with a high dose of pure essential oils for a natural aroma.



How to use:

To recieve the full aromatherapy benefits, burn in enclosed spaces, away from drafts.


When burning your candle, allow the entire surface of wax to melt before extinguishing, this prevents the candle from tunnelling which causes leftover wax and loss of aroma.


Trim the wick between each use, this can be done by pinching away the burnt tip of the wick once it has cooled.



Keep away from children and pets, and never leave unattended while burning.


Free from:

Palm, soy, parrafin, synthetic fragrance, colours and GMO's.

Flow Aromatherapy Candle