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Love your wick

YNYS AROMA candles are made using a wooden wick. Wooden wicks have grown in popularity recently, not just due to the sustainability factor but also the relaxing crackling sound that they produce while burning.

There is a lot of science that goes into getting the wick just right, as there are so many factors that influence how the wick burns... type of wax, size of the candle and any added oils. Many hours have been spent testing wicks with each essential oil blend to ensure an even and consistent burn with your candles.

The role of the wick is to provide the flame with fuel (wax), It does this by drawing melted wax up to meet the flame. Just like you, your wick needs a little love to perform at it's best and continue drawing up enough fuel. If your wick is too long or has a buildup of ash it may not be able to draw the wax resulting in a poor flame. To ensure that your aromatherapy candle burns perfectly until the end, it is essential that you trim your wick between each burn.

How to trim your wooden wick

- Allow your candle to cool completely.

- Use scissors, nail clippers or even your finger tips to remove excess charred wood.

Top tip - To ensure that you don't trim too much... just remove enough charred wood that naturally flakes away.

If your wick is struggling to catch alight, linger just a little longer with your match or lighter. This will encourage the wax to start fuelling the flame.

Extra tips for your candle

- Burn in enclosed spaces, away from strong drafts.

- Store out of direct sunlight.

- Pop the lid on when not in use to keep your candle nice and fresh.

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