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Candle therapy?

I've been in high street shops, smelling candle after candle trying to decide which one, or two to purchase. It's important to know that you're going to like what you've just spent your money on, and enjoy the way your home smells, isn't it? Especially when we are spending more time at home than ever!

But how do you make a decision when buying online?

It's easy when the label says bubblegum, or fresh linen, you can pretty much figure out what you will like. But what about when the label just says Moon? What does the moon even smell like?


At Ynys Aroma the scent isn't really the point (bear with me here). Ynys Aroma candles are each created with a unique recipe of essential oils, taking inspiration from many different influences and bringing them together to create a harmonious aroma. The focal point in the creation process is the therapeutic benefit that you will receive when using the candle, not the initial smell of it. In crafting a well balanced blend of essential oils, the chemistry takes care of the aroma. This is because, when combined together, essential oils that compliment each others' chemistry simply smell awesome!

I made a conscious decision not to disclose the full essential oil recipe of each candle, although you can find some hints and a good description of the overall aroma on the website. This is because I don't want you to choose based on ingredients. I want you to choose based on feeling. By focussing on how you feel, you are much more likely to truly love your candle. It can be far too easy to assume that you won't like the smell based on one single ingredient. The truth is it might actually be really difficult to identify that ingredient amongst a complex blend, then you'd end up missing out on the perfect aromatherapy candle for you.

When browsing Ynys Aroma products, perhaps the name of one will quickly grab your attention. Go with it! The product names are carefully placed to reflect the many different influences used to create the aroma, so if thats all it takes to choose your candle, then let your instinct guide you.

Maybe you're a bit more analytical? You want to dig a little deeper and explore the aromatherapy benefits a bit more? If you find this interesting and connect with the therapeutic effects, then have some faith in the chemistry. Trust that your careful choice will bring you the right product. If you choose what your mind and body needs, then you are sure to love the smell!


Moon was the first blend in the Ynys Aroma family to be completed, after lots of blending, and sniffing, and adjusting, and burning and journaling how it 'felt', and adjusting some more, and... you get the picture. It was a labour of love, and I truly love it. This grounding blend was inspired by the beautiful moon, and how her powerful energy holds such a great pull on the universe and our emotions.

Have you ever felt out of balance, then realised that the moon was approaching full?

In astrological terms, the moon is connected with the emotional body and reflects how we feel and how we respond to situations. When the moon is full, it illuminates our auric fields and magnifies what's going on within us, bringing heightened emotions to the surface. It is very common to feel some disruption, tension or tiredness around the time of a full moon. It is also common to sleep less around a full moon, so taking care of yourself is very important.

I use oils in the recipe for Moon that not only help to provide comfort and deep relaxation, but that help to cleanse the mind, removing chaotic energy and providing a deeper sense of connection to the earth. This helps us to manage scattered energy and intensified feelings that may arise around the full moon, or at any time during a lunar cycle if you have a lot going on.

Next time you feel like you need grounding, stop... and reach for the Moon.

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