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I love summer. I'm always sad to see it end, but I'm totally here for the instagrammable pumpkin spice lattes, chunky knits and all things cosy that Autumn has to offer. I must say, I'm more of a hot chocolate kinda gal tho.

As the nights draw in, who doesn't love lighting a new candle to create that cosy warm glow at home? Well I've got TWO new aromatherapy candles to share with you, and I've been planning these since last year!

I make my candles for YNYS AROMA using pure essential oils, so whilst it's not possible to replicate the much loved spiced pumpkin and cookie scents I feel I make something much more authentic. I've taken inspiration from the incredible outdoors and the beautiful evolving scenery to create two very different aromas that help connect us to nature.

Autumn leaves

This candle represents the pure joy of Autumn and the changes happening around us as the season transitions. The days are still warm but the nights are getting cold. It's the time to pull out your comfiest sweaters (or knit a new one) and celebrate this lush time to be outdoors enjoying the fresher air and early golden sunsets... Then come home, light the log burner and warm up with whichever milky drink your heart desires.

So how does one create this feeling and put it in a candle? I've blended sweet and fruity mandarin for its mood boosting properties with exotic ylang ylang oil which has a smooth, sensual softness. and smoky vetiver to create that warm, comforting earthiness.

Autumn leaves is such a relaxing aromatherapy blend, perfect to comfort you through the darkening evenings to come.

Forest Bathing

Inspired by many unformed walks around Porthkerry, guided by my toddler son, led by his imagination. I even thought about mountain bike rides from years ago. I never really enjoyed mountain biking. I'm absolutely not an adrenaline junkie! That said, I'll never forget the cleansing smell of cool damp air, the mossy woodlands and fresh greenery as I fearfully bumped over slippery tree roots, rocks and boulders whilst trying to avoid falling in ditches and streams.

The forest bathing candle is calm. Its aromatherapy benefits replicate the feeling of being immersed in nature, lost in time, still.

I use eucalyptus to cleanse your mind like the cool, clean air; hints of thyme, oakmoss and wintergreen with earthy cedarwood to ground your roots. Light Forest bathing to create a tranquil atmosphere at home this autumn, and whenever you want to escape to the wilderness.

Autumn leaves and forest bathing candles are on sale now.They're also available as wax melts, which are a great way to quickly fill your home with the natural aromas of mood boosting essential oils.

Click HERE to view the new Autumn collection.


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